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Polish Funk Vol. 2 (2007)


Funk, soul and jazz is the music created to dance and lays beneath all modern dance music. Yet it is not very popular among the DJs and you can not very often hear it in a club. Poland is not different from the rest of the world – usually house and techno predominated. Too many pulp DJs following fashions and much too less real music in the clubs. So it was very lucky that four of the most funkiest and musically enhanced polish DJs met to create a very special collective to promote good vibes to clubs of Poland. They were already for almost ten years on the Poland’s club scene doing parties on their own. So it was very natural to unite and under the name of Soul Service promote good groove to the clubs.
From funk to hip-hop from jazz to latin soul from 7”digging to scratching. They cover it all. Adding some visuals and sometimes funky MCs they know how to party. Soul Service is talking loud and saying “get on the good foot” with our funk bomb.
In search for more funky tunes Soul Service turned to dig their secret stash – old polish record crates. For years they were looking through second hand shops, flea markets and granny’s wardrobes to find any polish record influenced by funk. Soul Service wanted to expose power of their homeland beats to the rest of world. This way “Polish Funk” compilation concept was born and was brought to the world with cooperation of the Polish oldest record label still on the market – Polskie Nagrania.
“Polish Funk” series really hit the spot responding to the strong need of such a record among wide audience. It was named the record of the week by “Piccadilly Records” from London, “Dusty Grooves” from Chicago called it “a wonderful introduction to the kinds of grooves we’ve been digging from Poland for years” and „Jazzman Records” UK calls it “an album espousing the strength and diversity of funky jazz recorded behind the Iron Curtain in ’70s Poland”. “Polish Funk” was also acclaimed very warmly by polish artists whose compositions appeared on it. Ewa Bem, a super famous polish jazz singer, calls it, interviewed by “Dziennik” – a major polish newspaper, “A superb record, that gives a chance for a polish music to be introduced to the new dance generation” and Halina Fr–ckowiak a very popular polish pop singer calls “Polish Funk” “A record compiled by well known polish DJs with excellent selection of most valuable polish funk/soul tracks. Recommended for all not only funk lovers”
“Polish funk vol. 1” was issued on July 2007 and will be followed on September by 7” single with two additional tracks. And on October 2007 “Polish Funk vol. 2” will be issued. Also a promotional mix tape that contains tracks from vol. 1 and 2 is already distributed.

Projeto de um quarteto de D.J.’s focado no resgate dos sons produzidos no território polonês na d´cada de 70. Se liga nas Feras:

BURN REYNOLDS – a veteran club and radio DJ, known for his own radio program “Fusion” in Warsaw’s Radio Jazz; Theatrical music arranger; member of EU4YA (European Union For Young Artist ); Warsaw’s Wax Box vinyl shop co-operator.

CPT.SPARKY – best known, among other activities, for running his own record label, creating a jazz/folk band Primitivo, managing different clubs in Warsaw, chef editor of “Jazz” magazine and graphic designer of dozen record covers. For almost 10 years a DJ, VJ and funk music promoter and 7” vinyl maniac, creator of “Triple S Heroes” a comic book style international party concept with DJ Smoove (Acid Jazz/UK) and DJ Stupid Deep (Bureau45/Germany).

DJ MISTY aka Misciak – DJ, promoter, digger, famed for his collaboration with legendary Niewinni Czarodzieje (Innocent Sorcerers) DJ’s/producers’ collective, scratcher, vinyl and coca cola junky, Vespa scooter lover.

PAPA ZURA – well known funk music promoter from Lublin. Despite his DJ career also known as a member of legendary Bloo-Zbir and Plastelina funk bands. Graduated of music school, now excellent oldschool style scratcher, DJ and vinyl records and old instruments collector.
They rocked the parties in clubs all over Europe – Zwitzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bielorus, France, Holland, Litwenia, and UK.


01 Ide dalej / Further, I Go (Halina Frackowiak, 1974) H. Frackowiak J. Kondratowicz
02 Zyj sobie sam / Live by Yourself (Zdzislawa Sosnicka, 1976) J. Koman B. Olewicz
03 Atma (Niebiesko-Czarni, 1969) Z. Podgajny
04 Do tych dni, kolorowych dni / Back To The Old, Colorful Days (Wojciech Skowronski , 1976) W. Skowronski K. Adam
05 Skad my to znamy / Something Familiar (Krzysztof Sadowski and His Hammond Organ, 1970) K. Sadowski
06 Alfa Centaura / Alpha Centauri (Grupa Organowa Krzysztofa Sadowskiego, 1972) K. Sadowski
07 Oczy ci zaslonie / I Shall Cover Your Eyes (Maciej Kossowski, 1969) M. Kossowski Z. Jerzyna
08 Zechcesz mnie zechcesz / You Will Want Me (Czeslaw Niemen and Enigmatic, 1970) T. Jaskiewicz W. Mlynarski
09 Palamakia (SBB, 1977) J. Skrzek
10 Ksiezniczka / Princess (Andrzej Zaucha, 1974) P. Figiel M. Skolarski
11 Blues and Rock (Wojciech Skowronski , 1973) W. Skowronski P. Moszynski
12 Wodo, zimna wodo / Water, Cold Water (Halina Frackowiak, 1974) K. Gaertner E. Bryll

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