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Q.A.S.B. – Q.A.S.B. (2009)

Q.A.S.B. – Q.A.S.B
Genre: Funk / Soul
01. The Key
02. Funk With Me
03. Touch
04. We Need The Funk
05. Eternally
06. No!
07. All Right
08. One Love Song

About Q.A.S.B.
1st Full Album “Q.A.S.B.” was released on October 7th, 2009 by Soul Garden Records!!

Q.A.S.B. are a japanese funk/soul group consisting of 10 members (vo,ds,g,b,org,per,tp,tb,t.sax,a.sax) . amy-A on lead vocal is a JB (James Brown) style singer, and her vocal style is very rare for a woman.
In June, 2005, we got together in Tokyo. We play original music influenced by JB, the early years of Kool & The Gang, Sly & the Family Stone, Stax, etc.
“Danceable heavy funk tunes” and “fine but dramatic slow and medium numbers”. These are two strengths we have. With these, we try to reproduce the GROOVE and FEELING of the early 70’s in our original music.
Up to now, we have released “Stay True” (2006), “The Key”, “No” (2007) simultaneously in 22 countries as a limited single (iTunes, Napster, etc.).
In 2008, an analog 7 inch single “The key pt 1&2” was released by Soulsia Records. It is sold by Jazzman Records (U.K.) and Juno Records (U.K.). (In Japan, it is sold exclusively by universounds.)
In 2009, a CD album “Q.A.S.B.” consisting of 8 songs including “The Key”, was released by Soul Garden Records on October 7th!