Barry White – Dj Kamel


1 Prelude – Our theme

2 Spanish Lei

3 Freeway flyer

4 The only one

5 Night life in the city

6 Baby, we better try to get it together

7 Bring it on up

8 I love to sing the songs I sing

9 This is our time

10 Interlude

11 Heavenly, that’s what you are to me

12 Hey look at me

13 Lift your voice and say

14 Passion

15 It may be winter inside

16 Medley

17 High steppin, dressin’ fella

18 Love’s theme

19 I can’t let him down

20 Girl it’s true

21 Believe that it’s you


Link Original Part 2

Pass / senha:  nazarious


One Response to Barry White – Dj Kamel

  1. perdemos um exelente cantor, maestro, compositor etc etc….reverencio berry white pra sempre.

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