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The Main Ingredient – A Quiet Storm (1996)


The Main Ingredient Grupo formado na década de 60. que veio a fazer sucesso na decada de 70 com a faixa ” Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely” e o sucesso “Everybod Plays the Fool”
A maioria de suas gravaçoes são melodias, e este album que é uma compilação esta recheado delas.
Aprecie…Exelente album para ter no arquivo

1. You’ve Been My Inspiration
2. Where Were You When I Needed You
3. You Ain’t Got It No Way
4. Something ‘Bout Love
5. Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely
6. Don’t Wonder Why
7. That’s What Fate Will Do
8. Baby Change Your Mind
9. Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling in Love)
10. I’m Better off Without You
11. Everybody Plays the Fool
12. Girl I Left Behind
13. I’m So Proud
14. It’s So Sweet (Loving You)
15. You’ve Got to Take It (If You Want It)
16. Girl Blue
17. I Want to Make You Glad
18. Where Are You?
19. I’m Leaving This Time
20. That Ain’t My Style

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